Xioami Redmi Note 4 is a very popular phone in India. It was released in January 2017 in India. If you are a Redmi Note 4 user or a new Mobile Technician, this article is for you.

This article is about display replacement of Xioami Redmi Note 4.

The display of Xioami Redmi Note 4 contains two parts.

  1. Digitizer or Touch
  2. LCD

Sometimes both touch and LCD get damaged. In that case, you have to change full combo or display of Xioami Redmi Note 4.  Its cost ranges from Rs1000 to Rs 2500.

If your LCD works perfectly and only Digitizer gets damaged, you may change the only Digitizer. The Touch or Digitizer of Xioami Redmi Note 4 costs around Rs200 only locally. Its online purchase costs around Rs600.

Though changing Touch is cheaper, it requires some extra skill. Both touch and LCD are fused by strong glue. It can be separated by Touch Separating Machine (costs around Rs 4000).  Again, OCA Lamination Machine is required for combining new Touch and LCD.


The following video shows how to replace the combo of Xioami Redmi Note4.


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