Redmi Note 5 Pro is a very popular smart phone in India. This article helps you to change the damaged display of Redmi Note 5 Pro. it also helps to change the Sub-Board, Finger-print and the Battery of  Redmi Note 5 Pro. If the Mic or the Charging port is faulty, change the Sub-board.

The price of generic display costs around Rs 1500 onwards. The Combo assembly has a common connector for touch and display.

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Before disassembling Redmi Note 5 Pro, make sure you have prope

r tools, adhesive and hotter gun.

Tools requirement for Display Replacement

1. Mobile Opening Set:

This set includes Screw Drivers and Pry Tools.

2. Adhesive Glue for Display

This will help to joint the Display with the Mainframe of the mobile.

3. Heat Gun / Touch Separating Machine

This is required to separate the Display from the Mainframe of the mobile. The Display surface is heated with the help of either Heat Gun or SMD Machine or Touch Separating Machine or simply Hair Dryer. Yes, You can use Hair Dryer to separate the Display from the Mainframe.

Heat Gun

Touch Separating Machine

SMD Machine

Hair Dryer

Let’s discuss step by step.

Remove the Sim Tray

Without removing the Sim Tray, you can’t remove the Back Panel Cover of Smart Phone.

Remove the Back Panel Cover

Use any pry tools to remove the Back Panel of your smartphone.  You can use your nail too. Make a gap between Back panel and Frame of the smartphone throughout and try to remove it properly. There are plastic-made locks around the frame, be sure not to damage these locks.

Remove Battery

First, disconnect the fingerprint sensor from the motherboard. There is a screw behind the fingerprint sensor. Unscrew it and detach the safety cover of Battery Connector. And disconnect the battery from board.

Note: It is important to disconnect the Battery from the Motherboard before starting any repairing job.

Second, Unscrew all screws of Ringer and Sub-board assembly. You can find it below the Battery. Remove Ringer and Sub-board carefully. Now you can find two glue strips of Battery. Pull them out carefully. And finally, Battery will be detached.

Fix Ringer and Sub-Board Assembly

Mount the Sub-Board and ringer previously.

Remove the damaged Display

Disconnect the display flex from the Motherboard.

Give heat throughout the display with the help of Hot Gun or SMD Machine. You can simply use Hair-Dryer to heat the display. Give heat for 3 to 5 min. It will help to soften the glue between the display and the frame. Make a gap between the display and frame using any plastic card and remove the Display from the frame.

Fix the New Display

Clean the old glue from the frame properly. Apply new glue (As told above) on all sides of the frame. Insert the display flex through the frame and fix the Display in the frame properly in its position. Connect the display connector to the main board

Assemble the remaining parts

Connect the battery, fingerprint sensor. Mount the Back Panel Cover. Use rubber bands to keep the display fit properly. It will take 8 hours to dry the glue. Turn the mobile on. Hurrey, you have successfully replaced the screen of the smartphone.


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