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Redmi 3S Prime Charging Problem and Solutions


You will learn how to find out the solutions for Xioami Redmi 3S Prime Charging Problem. It is also applicable to Redmi  3S model.

Let’s discuss step by step.



  • Check Charger condition. Use another one for confirmation. If not charging, proceed to Step-2.



  • Remove the back panel cover of Redmi 3S Prime. Be careful while removing back cover, because Finger-print sensor may be got damaged. If you don’t know how to open back-cover of Redmi 3S Prime, Click here to know the procedure.
  • Connect the charger and check the input voltage at the Charging connector using a multimeter. Voltage should be around 5V. Otherwise, proceed to Step-3.



  • If you don’t get voltage at Charging connector (CC)  or CC looks damaged, change the CC or the charging board.

  • If you get 5V at the positive point of CC and still charging not done, then proceed to step-4.



  • Check the ribbon which is connected between Mainboard and Charging board.
  • lf ribbon and its connectors are damaged, change it.


  • Check the continuity between the positive point of CC and the NPC (Non-polar Capacitor) shown in the following image.

On cold testing, multimeter reading should be 0 ohms in Continuity mode.

On hot testing, the value should be around 5V

  • If there is no continuity shown, make a jumper between the CC and the said NPC.



  • If you get 5V at the above said NPC and still not charging, then remove the NPC near Battery Connector (shown in the below image)


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