In this article, I will discuss about Mobile Phone Hard Reset and its benefits ? Hard reset is a simple process and every Mobile user should know how to hard-reset his/her Mobile.

When Should I Hard-Reset my Mobile?

You may hard-reset your Mobile, if

  1. You experience slow down mobile Operating Software.
  2. You want to delete all installed apps.
  3. You want to erase all user data.
  4. Mobile hangs frequently.
  5. You forget the user password, pattern lock. (In the higher versions of Android, it may not work)
  6. Your mobile is attacked by Malware.
  7. You want to sell your Mobile.

Before Hard-Reset, you must back up all your files such as contacts, Photos, Videos, and Documents.

How do I Perform Hard-Reset?

The procedure of Hard-reset varies from Brand to Brand.

  • Switch off your Mobile.
  • Press Volume Up Key + Home Key + Power Key

or  Volume Down Key + Home Key + Power Key

or  Volume Down Key + Volume Up Key + Power Key

or  Volume Up Key + Power key

or    Volume Down Key + Power key 

  • Keep pressing, until Boot Menu or Android logo appears.
  • You can scroll up and down by pressing Volume Up and Down Keys.
  • Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset.
  • Press Power key to command. It will take some time to reset your Mobile.
  • Now Reboot your Mobile.

For your convenience, I am illustrating a Hard-Reset of Samsung On Max in the following video.



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