Broadly, there are two types of problems shown in a Mobile phone.1. Software-related and 2. Hardware-related. In this article, we will discuss different problems and their types with possible solutions. Let’s start.

When a customer brings a faulty mobile for repairing, you should know whether the problem is software related or hardware related. It is very important to identify the problem before repairing.

Software-related Problems

I have listed some software-related problems. They are:

  • Mobile stuck at Logo
  • Mobile auto restarting or rebooting continuously
  • Invalid IMEI number
  • Some OS files missing
  • Unable to remove Installed Apps
  • Forgot Pattern Lock / Security Password

These above-said problems can be solved by Flashing the right and stable firmware files. Otherwise, the mobile will be dead.

Hardware-related Problems

I have listed some hardware-related problems. These are :

  • Call not connected (Network related)
  • Not audible to other Person (MIC related)
  • Not audible to self (Ear speaker/Ringer/ Audio IC related)
  • Cracked Display
  • No Display
  • Touch not working
  • Slow or Fake Charging
  • No Charging
  • Mobile overheating

In these cases, faulty components need to be changed or replaced by new components.


  1. Hello sir i just want to know how to repair any iphones thats has no power.. charging but didnt open..the power switch is working.. and LCD also working .. ty in advance sir.. i want to be a mobile technician too..


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