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Infinix Hot 6 Pro Tear Down and Display Replacement Guide


This article helps you to tear down Infinix Hot 6 Pro and shows a complete guide to replace its display. You can easily change the sub-board, ear speaker, ringer, back panel, display, battery, mic, charging port or cc, earphone jack, vibrator, power on & volume switch, etc. with the help of this article.

Let’s discuss step by step.

STEP-1: Removal of Back Panel

First, remove the sim tray

Apply heat to the sides of the Back Panel to soften the glue. Be careful while applying heat, because the back panel is made of plastic.

Disconnect the finger-print flex from the mainboard carefully.

infinix hot 6 pro back panel
Back Panel of Infinix Hot 6 Pro

STEP-2: Removal of Mother Board

Remove all 7 screws to separate the Mother Board protector cover.

Disconnect Battery Flex, Display Flex, Sub-Board Flex, and RF Cable.

Now you are safe to separate Mother-board.

STEP-3: Removal of Sub-Board

A typically Sub-board has Charging port, mic, Ringer or Loudspeaker connection points, sometimes earphone jack, Network antenna, etc.. It is situated bottom of the phone.

To remove sub-board from Infinix Hot 6 Pro, you need to remove all screws of the sub-board plastic cover. The plastic cover contains the ringer. Then remove the plastic cover.

After removing the subboard plastic cover, you can see the sub-board.

Detach the sub-board flex, RF Cable and remove that sub-board screw. Then remove the sub-board.

If there is a problem related to charging port, mic, earphone port, then simply change the sub-board of Infinix hot 6 Pro.

STEP- 4: Removal of Battery and Display

There are two strips of glue behind the battery. Just pull the glue out carefully and the battery will be released easily. If the glue strip is broken, use a pry tool and Isopropyl alcohol to release the battery

To remove the display of Infinix Hot 6 Pro from the frame, You need to give heat 80C for 5 minutes. It will soften the glue. Make a gap between the display and the frame using a plastic card or similar to that and remove the display carefully.

STEP- 5: Display Replacement

Before changing the new display, check whether the display is working perfectly or not. Do not remove the screen guard and the tag of the new display before checking. Because most of the sellers do not accept return if the screen guard and the tag are removed.

Infinix hot 6 pro display

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Clear the glue from the sides of the frame using Isopropyl alcohol. Apply the new glue side of the frame. Ensure not to flow glue on the camera and the sensor front.

I am using E8000 glue for the display fitting.

display fitting glue e8000

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Align the display with the frame and assemble the phone properly. Put plastic clips or rubber bands about 8 hours for better fitting. And your phone is ready to use.

If there are any doubts, feel free to comment below.



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