This article helps you to increase or upgrade RAM of a Laptop. You can increase your laptop RAM yourself with the help of some basic tools and save money.

Upgrading RAM helps in speeding up, multitasking and faster browsing of your computer.

Before proceeding, check your current RAM size and version. Also, find out the maximum upgrade size supported by your laptop.


There are two ways you can identify your RAM details easily.


  • Right click on Taskbar
  • Go to Task Manager
  • Click on Performance
  • Go to Memory

You will find out RAM size, Number of Slots used, Form Factor, and moreover Speed of RAM.


  • Open the battery.
  • Remove all screws.
  • Remove the back cover.
  • Check the RAM location, No of Slots, RAM types, etc.


Generally, a laptop motherboard has two RAM slots. One slot is used and another is empty.

Most of the motherboard supports maximum size up to 2 times of the company provided RAM. For example, if you bought a Laptop having 2GB RAM, You can easily upgrade to 4GB RAM.




RAM Type can be identified by the cut or groove location of RAM. Look at the pictures below and know your RAM type.


When you buy extra RAM for your laptop, make sure the speed of new RAM should be the same or more than the used one.

Suppose you already have 2133 MHz speed RAM installed in the Laptop. You should buy the RAM of 2133MHz or more. If you install lower speed RAM, For example, old RAM having 2133MHz and new RAM having 1800MHz speed, your laptop will work at 1800MHz.
So always buy the extra RAM with same or more speed.

the extra RAM should have the same size, same form factor, same or more speed, same type to double the RAM size of the Laptop


Here is an illustrative video tutorial which shows how to upgrade RAM size from 4GB to 8GB in Hp laptop. Watch and learn.


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