In this article, I will explain how to repair Honor 9 lite which shows recovery mode while charging. Many of the Honor 9 lite users will find it very useful.

The Problem:

If your mobile phone Honor 9 lite is dead and you can not power it on, but it shows recovery mode when charging the mobile, the solution is very simple.

Why this problem occurs?

This type of problem happens after you drop the mobile and your mobile must be opened for repair previously.

When the battery is disconnected from main board, the mobile can be switched on and it shows erecovery mode while charger is connected.

When you give it to repair, the technician does not mount the battery connector cover. If you drop your phone, the battery is disconnected from main board easily.

How to repair?

You can repair Honor 9 lite at your home easily. You must have 3 tools to disassemble the mobile.

  • Glue for Mobile Repair
  • Hair dryer
  • Plastic card

The back panel is made of glass. It is pasted with some glue.Heat the back panel of Honor 9 lite using your hair dryer for 5 minutes. It will soften the glue.

After heating up, try to insert the plastic card in between the middle frame and back panel. Move the plastic card to and fro.

In this way, you will remove the back panel of Honor 9 lite.

After removing the back panel, plug the battery connector in the main board and your problem will be resolved.

Apply glue on the side of the frame. Align and paste the back panel on the middle panel. Keep 5 books on the mobile for 2 to 3 hours so that the glue will be harden enough to hold the back panel.

If you want to watch the video how I repaired this fault, visit my YouTube channel.


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